Alux Green Building Control System

An ALUX control system consists of a controller unit and up to 10 slave relays
controlled or switched by the controller.

  • The switching or control signal is low voltage and is done via a "daisey-chain" configuration connecting the slave relays to the controller.
  • The controller receives input from one or more occupancy sensors and switches the slave relays according to its internal logic and customer specified settings.
  • Movement or occupancy detection can be done utilizing the ALUX occupancy sensor or any other 3rd party 12 or 24V sensors.
  • Slave relays available:
    • inline.
    • plug-socket.
    • voltage free out.
    • high current.
  • The inline and plug-socket slave relays switches power from overhead power ducts to light fittings while the voltage free output slave and high current slave relays are usually used for HVAC or other environmental control purposes.

MM Range
MK Range
Network wiring