MM1 range Fan-coil Controller

A dedicated stand-alone or network connected unit for fan-coil applications, controlling a three speed fan, a single step heater and a thermic valve.

  • Two-pipe system with or without change-over.
  • On-off or PWM valve control.
  • Pre-set temperature set point or use with a MK2A22 wall control.
  • Inputs for Return air and water temperature sensors.
  • Input for occupancy sensor. Auxiliary input for various interlocks.
  • Available as Stand-alone or with LON, BACnet or Local net connectivity.
  • Power supply to unit: 230V AC.
  • Direct switching of power to valve, fan and heater.
  • Fire retardant ABS plastic enclosure with cover plate for power terminals.
  • Plugin screw terminals.

MM Range
MK Range
Network wiring