MOHVAC Controller

A configurable stand-alone or network connected controller for a wide range of HVAC applications.

  • Possible control options include:
    • Three speed or variable speed fan control.
    • Single step, three step or variable heating.
    • On/off or modulating valve control.
    • 0-5V or 0-10V analogue out for various controlling functions.
    • Discrete inputs and 24V out for integrated area or room control.

  • Other features:
    • Pre-set temperature set point or use with a MK2A22 wall control unit.
    • Configure by specifying 4 off selectable modules.
    • Input for water temperature, supply air temperature and occupancy or heater interlock.
    • Pluggable screw terminals.
    • Power supply to unit 230V.
    • Available as Stand-alone or with LON or Local net connectivity.

MM Range
MK Range
Network wiring